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We are currently have several network printers: the HP laser printer in the downstairs computer room (down), the HP printer in the upstairs computer room (up), the color laser printer in the downstairs computer room (color), the Tektronix color dye-sublimation printer in the upstairs computer room (c1), and the HP Design Jet 500PS poster printer (hp_poster), and Rene's laser printer (rene). The downstairs laser printer is set as the default printer. Printer information is summarized in the following table:

Printer queue name Location Default? Printer model Interface Network name Language Driver
down Room 116 Yes HP LaserJet 2400dtn Ethernet astro-hp2430 PostScript CUPS on astronomy
up Room 217 No HP LaserJet 4200 Ethernet astro-hp PostScript cups on astronomy
c1 Room 116A No Tektronix Phaser 450 Ethernet astro-color PostScript cups on astronomy
hp_poster Room 107A No HP DesignJet 500PS Ethernet astro-bigprint PCL cups on astronomy
color Room 116 No HP Color LaserJet 2605dn Ethernet astro-hp2605dn   cups on astronomy
rene Room 102 no HPLaserJet6P Ethernet prt-rene PostScript cups on astronomy

For the upstairs and downstaris printers (-Pup, -Pdown, -Pcolor), you can specify options on the command line for varions printing options, e.g.:

Because of this capability, it should never be necessary to use the printer control panel to change printer configuration.

Printers are managed on the Linux machines using a commercial software product, PrintPro; this functionality is built-in to RedHat distributions from version 7.3 on. This allows printing via the normall UNIX commands: lp and lpr (on some of the machines, there is an additional graphical printing interface, glp). Documentation is available for the user interface and for the administrators guide. Configuration can be done using /usr/sbin/printers or via the Web at http://astronomy:631.

The two laser printers and the HP can be accessed directly via embedded web servers. The HP can also be accessed using the HP Jet Direct software running on io; this can be accessed via http://io:8000.

Making posters with the poster printer

Making posters is relatively straightforward. There is a non-negligible cost to make these, so it is best to get it right the first time and not to have to make too many attempts.

We have three kinds of paper available; in order of expense, these are: lightweight paper, heavyweight paper, and glossy paper. It is very easy to switch between different rolls (you use the menu items on the printer itself to load and unload rolls). The poster printer has 42 inch wide paper; hence you want one of the two dimensions of your poster to be smaller than this size. To avoid needing to make long cuts, you might want to choose to have either the vertical or horizontal dimension be exactly 42 inches.

There are numerous ways one might make a poster for the poster printer. Here I mention a few possibilities:

Note that if you want to include an NMSU logo on your poster, you can get one here (also see the official university site)

Printer supplies

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